Creating a culture of generosity in the church is a challenging endeavor. I believe one of the obstacles to this Biblical culture of giving is that we have created an environment within the church that says, “give to the needs of the church!”. That is all wrong according to Rev Clayton Smith, pastor of generosity at The Church of the Resurrection. We must encourage our partners to “to give to the needs of our people, not to the needs of our church”. This is more than just saying the church is an institution that gobbles money ineffectively. It also implies that the church, it’s people, know the needs of the people it serves. It says the congregation has listened to it’s community and is willing to give it’s resources to meet those needs. When this becomes a reality the church will become a trustworthy-loving force living out The Great Commandment. I believe this culture of generosity will be met with an unprecedented abundance that will meet all the needs of the people.